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Navio Construction Pro is the most advanced construction safety and security system on the market today.

It’s also the easiest to deploy.


Installs in Seconds: No Wires to Pull, No Wifi To Configure.

Navio Construction Pro is the only construction site safety and security solution that installs in seconds atop most standard street and area lights. Streetlights provide unlimited power and the perfect perch to see construction sites up to six stories in height.

With streetlights on most of America’s job sites, there are 100 million places to plug in.

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Actionable Insights With Artificial Intelligence.

Navio Construction Pro uses machine vision to analyze your job site and the immediate surrounding area, cataloguing expensive equipment; detecting workers’ hard hats and PPE compliance; and generating timelapse videos of construction progress.

With machine learning algorithms built in, the more Navio Pro sees on your job site, the smarter it gets.

Includes Future Functionality.


A Powerful Dashboard

Securely view your projects, and grant access to whomever you choose.

With four cameras, useful sensors, customizable reporting and an onboard weather station, you can see your job site’s 360° status 24/7.


This one’s on us.

try the Navio Pro system on a qualifying job site, free for three months.

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